martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

I gave candy to my haters and I took a picture of hypocrisy


Rather than getting upset I started getting amused. Wasting time frowning made no sense. It was time to experiment and give form to what I always thought was merely abstract. I´ve always been interested in psychological theories of human behavior, so I´d be Pavlov and they´d be my dogs. I´d ring a bell and they´d drown in their own drool. I´d show them the bate and they´d swallow the hook, not before chewing it and feeling it embed itself in their cheeks for my amusement.

It occured to me while paying for my dinner. Why not? Today I gave candy to my haters. I figured that it´d be interesting to see their reaction. After all, they don´t know that I know. Wearing nothing but a subtle smile that hid my true purpose I offered it to them. Oh, but I offered it to everybody as well. Otherwise, they might have thought that there was something fishy in my kind gesture.

Just as I had thought, a Shakespeare novel was playing in front of my eyes. I stood in awe , amazed at the greatness of their act, their ability to play a rol, to smile, to make their eyes sparkle, to fake.... just like me they hid their thoughts behind a mask, one that I recently started to first hate, then question, and now admire. How could someone not admire such cleverness?

Oh but they don´t know that I know what they´re trying to hide. And it´s such fun! It makes me want to ROFL + LMAO. I returned the smiles and offered to take some more candy. Go on... put it on your mouth. Feel its taste as it melts, let your taste buds change color and grow in ecstasy.
Swallow the sweetness and the bitterness of it all.

I thought it wasn´t possible, but only because I didn´t really think it over and experimented before. Now I know that it is attainable. I made them strike a pose and it was no longer an abstraction. I gave candy to my secret haters and without them knowing, they gave me the best shot. For a second I pretended being the bigger person, and like a dirty fly I rubbed my front legs...or hands, I´m no longer aware of what I´ve become.

The experiment went well. My hypothesis is now a theory. ¨With the right amount of candy and at the right time, a not so innocente gesture can prove that it is possible to make them take the bait and show their true self¨..... and in a thousandth of a second they made it possible for me to capture it.

Today I smiled while I gave candy to my haters and I took a picture of hypocrisy.. and she took a picture back at us too.

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  1. my preciouss bittersweet este post esta divino asi como que te pasaste!!
    me encanta!!
    getting amused es el secreto!! believe me!! al final entendemos que hay gente que está aqui para divertirnos nada mas!!

  2. pues si, no??? mejor reirse tipo como cuando me hacen cosquillas con un rastrillo? la cuestion es que el que se enoja es un gran loser *and i don't intend to be one :-)


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